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Promoting your project in three simple steps

posted by The BuildHUB on 18th Mar 2014

Promoting your projects on the BuildHUB really couldn’t be simpler. In three simple steps you can be well on your way to showcasing your favourite self-build and renovation projects, which we’ll then give a burst of free publicity. So, where to start...

Step one - Sign-up
The BuildHUB is all about the user-generated content, so the first step is to sign-up. You’ll be asked to submit a some basic information (including whether you are an industry professional or a budding self-builder), choose a username, and upload a profile photo, really just the standard social-network stuff. You’ll then be sent an activation email from which you can activate your account. If you don’t get this within a few minutes be sure to check your junk folder in case it’s been filtered as spam.


You can access your user profile and amend any of your profile details from the main tabbed heading (see image above) which will display your username when you’re signed in. From here you can choose to add in a few more details telling the community a bit about yourself and what you do.

Step two - Share your project
You’ll find the ‘SHARE YOUR PROJECT’ button in numerous locations throughout our website including on the homepage and on your user profile. Submitting your project couldn’t be simpler and it starts with pressing this button.
You’ll firstly be asked to enter the title of your project, and submit a project profile photo. This image will be used as the preview thumbnail when it’s displayed throughout our choose wisely :-)
Once you’ve submitted these details you’ll be taken to the project admin page. From here you can enter the project details and upload your photos into separate galleries for the design, construction, and the ‘finished’ phase. You can provide as much or as little detail as you feel is necessary to show off your project in the best possible light, it’s really up to you. Once you’ve entered the your project details the admin page should look something like this:


And remember, the galleries you can access via the admin page will are the ones that will be displayed front and centre on the main project page (shown below). You can access the project admin area again at any point by pressing the settings button that is displayed next to the project title. 
If your project is currently midway through completion and you want to submit details and updates as the work progresses, you can post regular updates using the ‘Post an update’ section shown just below the main galleries. You can also upload images to these posts, perhaps if you want to draw attention to something in particular. These won’t show in the main galleries however, so if you also want them displayed here you’ll need to upload them via the admin area.
Once you’re all done, you should end up with something a little bit like this:


Your ‘Project activity’ section will show your project timeline (i.e. every update you’ve made to the project in the order you made it), and also a user comments section where other members can post comments or ask you questions.

Step three - Sit back, and relax
Now that your project has been successfully submitted, this is where we can step in…! We’re a rapidly expanding website that will be attracting members of the public that have an interest in self-build. We’ll be promoting all of our member’s project through the website itself but also our other social media channels where we collectively have over a thousand followers. 
And remember, there’s no limit to the amount of projects you can submit to our site. The more content you upload the more content we’re able to promote.
So if you want to promote your self-build and renovation projects, sign-up today and help us make self-build a little more sociable.